Tomato Sauce!

I froze the tomatoes that we couldn’t eat fast enough this summer, and I am proud to say I collected four totally full gallon-sized freezer bags of tomatoes! We ended up with tomatoes of every size and color:

I put them in my big stock pot with some carrots, peppers, onion, zucchini, basil, and leftover rosemary and thyme from Thanksgiving. So pretty:

I filled 2 quart freezer bags of tomato sauce with vegetables and partially filled 7 more with tomato sauce, vegetable, and Italian sausage. What a haul! It was a little tragic, though, realizing that I need to fill with smaller portions since Sydney will be leaving soon.

I’m skipping church today, but not because of any real negative feelings. I’m just tired of those stupid tell us your favorite song meetings. This has been an exhausting week for me spiritually.

In other news, St. John of the Cross is my patron saint. He is amazing.

Posted by Jenny Smith

I'm Jenny Smith. I keep up with three cars, two kids, one husband, and I live on 300+ acres of rolling farmland in Northern Virginia where we look after an elderly relative. I like tomatoes, all things Star Trek, watercolor, and reading. I spend most days in the garden fighting deer and groundhogs as I pursue a graduate degree. I'm trying to be like Jesus -- emphasis on the trying.