Today’s Mormon Shirts

I thought I’d post a picture of two of the shirts I shipped today. Both, the Give Said the Little Stream shirt and the Popcorn Popping Shirt are going to the same person, who I bet is a Primary Music Leader!

72 hour kit information updated

I received an email from a viewer the other day pointing out that there were some bad links on my Emergency Preparedness page on 72-hour kits over at  I wrote that article what seems like a hundred years ago and haven’t thought about it in ages.  It was good to get some feedback and a reminder to keep updating some of these old bad links. Or webmasters could do the right thing and include legacy links for their sites….. Sigh. Even I’m bad to forget to updates links as the old URLs change, though I have worked over the years to correct them as someone points them out to me.  If you see a bad link, please let me…

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Jenny's blog

Starting a New Year

Well, I never did finish up writing up my lesson notes from last year, and already it’s time for a new class.  This year, the RS president and class decided to do Book of Mormon.  A previous teacher spent three years doing the Bible with the group, and so the class has never had the chance to do Book of Mormon.  This puts us off the regular Institute/Seminary schedule, but it’s fine for this group. For the introductory class, I created a very abbreviated lesson outline.  My goals were Students to become excited about gospel study Students share/remember what is exciting about BoM Review testimony of three witnesses, strong external witness of reality of book and events Talk about Tender…

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