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My speciality is clean, simple design emphasizing readability and clear thematic communication with a touch of insider humor. I have a strong desire to create products that solve problems. For the past seventeen years I have created clothing designs, logos, web elements, stickers, custom jewelry, clothing designs, and even lip balm sliders that met gaps for products in underserved communities, including pro bono work for local government-sponsored events and nonprofits.

I’m skilled in the use of virtually all graphic design tools, including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD, Adobe In Design, Inkscape, Krita, Quark Xpress, and all desktop publishing tools including Microsoft Office and Google Workspace. I’m an expert in designing for online sales, with experience theming for WordPress (including WooCommerce), Drupal (including Drupal Commerce), Joomla, Shopify, Volusion, Etsy, Pinterest, Facebook, and more. I’ve designed successful websites for a variety of clients including a singles website; several corporate sites including a trucking company, an RV camp, and a water filter manufacturing company; personal blogs; many online storefronts selling products ranging from jewelry to craft patterns; and several non-profits. I can take your products from conception to print, because I have experience creating print products at all scales from stickers on up to posters and banners for single or many thousands of print replications.

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Print products
Web Elements

Print products

My thousands of print products include catalogs, printables, and mutual theme cards sold online and provided free to teachers:

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Mutual Theme Cards

For several years I designed and printed 4×6″ mutual theme cards. Tens of thousands sold for $0.25 each at a profit of 500%.

Arise and Shine Forth Card

These 4×6″ cards were printed in the US. Over 5,000 sold.

Come Unto Christ Card

Simple design with a blue background and silhouette of Jesus Christ printed on a 4×6″ card. Another sold-out design.

Come Unto Christ, detail, back

Note the typography on the reverse side of the Come Unto Christ card

We Believe Card

We Believe mutual theme featured the LDS Articles of Faith. Top-seller.

We Believe, detail, front

This 4×6 card sold more than any other print product I’ve made, excluding stickers.

We Believe, detail, back

Overlaid typographical elements featuring serifed and sans-serifed fonts.

Stand Ye in Holy Places card

This is the Angel Moroni from the top of the Washington DC Temple.

LDS Grand 5×7 catalog

This 8-page full-color catalog was included with shipped items.

LDS Grand Catalog, inside

Complicated layout for 5″x7″ catalog

Film Festival flyer

Three per page flyer was designed using the customer’s specifications and logos, including the Cannes Film Festival logo and Mormon Helping Hands logo. Printed on three per page for environmental friendliness.

Chili Cookoff flyer

This was a 3 per page flyer created for a community event. Organizers wanted it to be clear that this was a family event.

Teresa and Lars wedding invitation

Teresa asked me to design this invitation for her and Lars — it features 32 flowers that I hand-painted in Krita and positioned using Inkscape.

If Ye Love Me Keep My Commandments multiple styles

This Etsy poster set was a best-seller and was provided in many styles, sizes, and colors to customers.

If Ye Love Me candy car wrapper

Customers printed the wrapper one per page, which was sized to fit a standard Hershey bar. The obverse included related insider jokes, and the front panel was customizable by the end user via editable PDF.

Learn, Listen, Walk, Peace printable kit

This printable used simple graphics to convey the action words from the 2018 mutual theme slogan, “Learn of me, listen to my words, walk in the meekness of my spirit, and you shall have peace in me.” This original design was stolen over and over, frustratingly.

Pillow Treats wrappers

This set of colorful wrappers features mutual theme slogans and logos related to the Press Forward mutual theme. Sized to fit Hershey’s Gold Nuggets.

Colorized binder covers

This logo was only available in black and white, so I colorized it to look more attractive with colored binders.

Press Forward card

This printable card plays on the logo from the popular Back to the Future movie franchise to create a sense of motion and whimsy to the slogan “Press forward with a steadfastness in Christ”.

Clothing and Textiles

I designed several custom logos that were printed on hundreds of hats, shirts, hoodies, and totes. I am most proud of the best-selling “Ask Me About the Book of Mormon” design, which helped shy missionaries make street contacts when they were in street clothing.

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8 Cow Wife

This best-selling t-shirt logo was inspired by the classic LDS filmstrip, Jonny Lingo.

Ask Me About the Book of Mormon hoodie

Designed to help shy missionaries make street contacts. Top-seller.

Ask Me About the Book of Mormon

This Canadian missionary shared a photo of him wearing our t-shirt.

Canada flag on sleeve

This missionary is showing the optional flag that could be added to each missionary t-shirt.

Property of Mission Shirt

This shirt could be customized with any mission in the world.

Choose the Right hoodie

Featuring my popular Choose the Right logo.

CTR Baptism Gift shirt

This shirt could be customized with any name. The CTR logo was placed in other letters, including b, d, p, q, or i as needed.

Families are Forever t-shirt

This design was popular on mother’s day.

Give (said) The Little Stream

This simple design inspired by the children’s song “Give Said the Little Stream” was very popular.

I Read Every Day shirt

This shirt was created to incentivize daily scripture reading and could be customized with any ward or stake name.

When you look out the window, what do YOU see? shirt

This design inspired by the children’s song “Popcorn Popping (on the Apricot Tree)” was far more popular than I could ever have imagined.

Keep Calm and Morm On shirt

This shirt is based on the popular WWII Keep Calm propaganda slogan.

Shoulder Angel shirt

This shirt is based on the popular LDS comedy sketch by Divine Comedy and Studio C.

Peculiar shirt

Based on the scripture about peculiar people in 3 Peter.

Primary graduation shirt

Fills the gap for Primary graduation gifts.

Are Mormons Christian?

Missionary proselyting shirt.

Seminary Graduation shirt

This shirt is fully customizable with year and ward or stake name. It met a need for LDS seminary graduation gifts.

Serve Him hoodie

This hoodie was based on my mutual theme logo for that year, but it ended up becoming a permanent item because it worked for all missionary items.

To Me He Doth Not Stink shirt

Here’s a little LDS couples humor, taken from King Lamoni’s wife’s observation in the Book of Mormon.

Jesus Wants me for a Sunbeam shirt

Fun design that plays on the children’s song.

Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam shirt

This is a variation of the Sunbeam shirt based on the children’s song

Choose The Right tote bag

This tote bag features my Choose the Right logo and could be customized with any ward or stake name.

Embark tote bag

This is the Embark logo I designed for the mutual theme in 2015. This tote could be customized with any phrasing the customer desired.

Jewelry Items

Each of these jewelry items was created by me and manufactured by my contacts in China for sales in the United States. I have over a decade of experience working with international product design, having taken several dozen products from concept, through manufacture, and to delivery to customers. Over 200,000 of my products are in people’s homes now.

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Handmade Forget-Me-Not charm

This adorable, handmade charm was designed by Jenny Smith and manufactured in China. It sold out completely three times. If you look closely, you can see the fingerprint marks in the resin.

Mutual Theme bracelets

These are some of the custom bracelets I had manufactured in China for annual mutual themes and girls camps. Best-sellers.

C.T.R. Charm

This silver charm measures 1/2 inch and was manufactured in China. Each included a jump ring.

I Love Primary charm

I Love Primary was the first charm I ever had manufactured overseas. It was a heavy charm because the back had the logo of my business on the obverse.

Young Women Charm

This silver-tone charm measured .6 inches wide

YW Earrings

Each of my custom charms could be made into earrings. These were sold as kits or as already assembled, carded jewelry.

YW Charm Anklet, kit

This anklet kit was sold for several years as a birthday and girls camp item.

Relief Society Charm

Custom designed charm based on the Relief Society logo

RS Charm

Relief Society Charm photographed on the weathered back steps at my house

Stand Ye in Holy Places wristband

I sold thousands of mutual theme wristbands each year for girls’ camp and birthdays.

We Believe wristband and card, matching set

Wristbands and cards were color-coordinated for leaders who wanted a seamless look

Courage wristbands

I created color-coordinated mutual theme wristbands and cards for LDS leaders


These stickers were created to fill gaps or solve problems for LDS church leaders. For example, I helped Primary teachers incentivize desired classroom behaviors, recognize birthdays, and solve the problem of children’s assignments getting lost or forgotten before children could alert their parents with these simple sticker designs:

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Caught Being Reverent sticker

This 2×2 inch sticker incentivized reverence in children’s classes at church. Best-seller.

Happy Birthday sticker

Typographical elements use words and phrases from the children’s birthday song “Happy Happy Birthday, Children Dear” to celebrate birthdays.

Happy Birthday stickers

The stickers were printed in 4 colors.

Primary Assignment stickers

These 2×2 inch stickers included a blank space where a teacher could write in an assignment and put the reminder on a child’s clothing where a parent could see it. Best seller.

Young Women Value stickers

These were the first commercially available stickers that included the new value, Virtue.

Web Elements

I have almost two decades of experience designing for the web. I can hand code HTML and CSS, utilize server-side includes, design themes for CMSs like WordPress, Shopify, or Drupal from scratch using tools like XD, Elementor, or Oxygen, and I can even hack a little SQL or PHP code when needed to customize for a client’s needs.

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This is the Favicon I use for this website, based on my signature name logo.

Social Media Card

Social Media card includes information about where locals can attend the market.

Eat Our Meat

Attention-getting social media card created for the local Farmers Market.

Social Media Card

Created for the local Farmer’s market. The simple design highlights what’s most important about the market.

Plan a great lesson Fast

Colorful Facebook default image designed for a teaching website.

Budget Buster Ad

Attention-getting ad drove sales to their highest rate.

Vertical Ad

This ad successfully generated so many sales that I bought out every arrow charm in the United States when I couldn’t get enough in from my Chinese supplier. Tower style also worked on Etsy.

Call to Action Ad

This ad shows off the product and includes a call to action. This item sold out three times as a result of this ad.

Jewelry ad

This was a custom online ad in a peculiar size specified by the ad displayer.

Etsy Featured Image

Designed especially to get clicks from the Etsy market.

Etsy Featured Image

This image was created for an Etsy suite of products.

Tricky Ad

This ad was designed to look more like content and generate more clicks. The gambit was successful.

Other Items

Below are some random items I’ve created:

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YW Lip Balm Slider

These lip balm sliders were fully customizable with my mutual theme logos.

Mutual Theme Lip Balm Slider – Open

Mutual Theme Lip Balm Slider – Open: cherry, blue raspberry, herbal mint

Relief Society Lip Balm Slider

This best-seller sold out every year in March for the Relief Society birthday celebration. Available several scents.

Relief Society Lip Balm, detail

Three scents shown: herbal mint, blue raspberry, and cherry

Customizable Birthday Lip Balm

These lip balms were available in vanilla scent and could be customized for every individual in a class.

Patawomeck Indian Wooden Nickel

This wooden nickel was created pro bono for the local Patawomeck Tribe.

Wooden Nickel

This wooden nickel was created for the local Patawomeck Tribe booth at the 250th anniversary of Stafford County. Hundreds were given out as collectibles to local citizenry.

Floral table runner

I made this table runner out of greens from our farm and flowers for my son’s wedding.

Brush tap Flowers

Watercolor and ink


Commissioned painting


Laptop etching with my signature logo

Blue living room

Blue and aqua living room design

Portrait, detail

The hubs

Dog portrait




Watercolor and ink


These were Christmas gifts I painted for family and friends.

Temple Series

One of several I painted to practice these techniques


Woman with issue of blood touches Jesus’ robe

Tulips, detail

Watercolor and ink


Watercolor and ink


(Collecting more — I’m collecting these files as I have permission to use them from clients.)

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Jenny Smith signature logo

Personal branding, based on my signature

Jenny Smith signature

This logo uses my own penstrokes to convey energy and simplicity.

Jenny Smith website header

This was an old website header for my blog. No, that isn’t me — you’d be surprised how often I’m asked that!

Hartwood Logo Variation

Created for a local church in Hartwood, Virginia.


Incorporates the client’s corporate logo and sub logos (torch) of the YW organization.

CTR Ring Logo

Incorporates the styling of the green CTR ring shield of the primary product sold on this website.

CTR-Ring logo Favicon

Favicon to show off the CTR Ring logo green and shield.