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A non-mutant dog

My dad’s best friend from college has remained a family friend for many years. He follows me on Instagram where I sometimes post pictures of what I’m painting. He asked me to paint some pictures of his very adorable dogs for his wife for Christmas. It was a difficult challenge! Gotta tell you: I painted a whole lot of very bad, amateurish-looking dogs that went straight in the trash before I got to these pictures. I think they turned out pretty well:

I cancelled my watercolor box subscription because I am realizing that I don’t actually like the style of the main artist. I’ve decided to try another after I finish this degree. I went back through my old work and tossed the stuff that was very bad or that I was saving just because it existed. We are shopping for a desk or drawing table for that room. I’m hoping to redo the floor in my office, repair the giant slice in the wall, and repaint. I’m going to move things around in there and split stuff between Caleb’s old room and the office to make a little more space for a better pantry-like space. I really need to finish the floor in Sydney’s bathroom, too. I hope to get some of these projects done over the holiday.

I’ve done zero work toward my degree, but I’m very far ahead and don’t actually care at the moment. I need to reach out to an instructor to talk about stuff, but I’m not ready to move right yet. Other things just seem more important, though truthfully, none of them are particularly important. I need a job.

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