A nice day

I had a really nice day yesterday. It felt like the first in a long while. I went and got my hair done — she gave me helmet hair and cut it short (“Shorter [[snip]] or do you like the length?”). She does good work though and after I took a shower to tame my tresses it looked fine. After that I had lunch with a friend who is also experiencing a frustrating faith transition. She contacted me a couple of weeks ago, but we haven’t been able to schedule anything until now. I feel worried and humbled at the same time. In an earlier time, I’d have felt pressure to try and keep her in the church or persuade…

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Succulent in a pink pot – part fôr

I decided I didn’t really like the original succulents I painted enough to put them in the frame, so I decided to paint another version Thursday. I’m much happier with how it turned out. I had worried that the yellow was too bright for the highlights, but it adds dimension that I really like: I painted it using the watercolors in my newest Let’s Make Art kit, which included some brighter colors. I think they made a difference in the finished product. Here’s what I used: I like it actually. Some of the foreshortening is awesome. This one will go in the frame to be hung proudly in …….. Sydney’s bathroom. :-)

Kitty Cat and other work

I’m still painting — here are some pictures of some of my work: I am terrible at leaves, as you will agree. I was home sick on Sunday and Jared painted with me. It was once of the nicest things he’s ever done ❤️❤️❤️ We did a little painting exercise with Frank Clarke (hilarious) who teaches you to paint people as if they are carrots. I loved it and the way mine turned out. We both did our own landscapes. Jared loves his (below). The light on the bottom of his clouds is spot on. Maybe this will be a thing for us going forward!

Summer is almost over

The season has almost ended, and I’m relieved. Today it’s 90 degrees outside, so I didn’t work as long as I probably should have, but tomorrow it’ll top out at 80 degrees. That’s when I’ll put out the new plants I bought Friday. My friend, Susan, who is a Master Gardner, invited me to go along with her to the Richmond Plant Sale at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens Friday. I bought several plants including 2 sunchokes, 6 fans of day lilies (3 blue), onion, leek, kohlrabi, 6 hellebores, and some pink flower I can’t remember the name of. I’m super excited to get them started. Today I just cleaned up and watered a bit, plus I picked a few…

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The new fence

Today the farm entered the 21st century. We had the front fence, which has been made of wood for as long as I can remember — possibly back as far as 200 years — replaced with a brand new vinyl fence. We kept the old-fashioned four rail look even though the subdivision across the street put in three rail. It is such a relief to not be worrying about that eyesore any more. My Christmas decorations will look so great up there! I think the new fence is a good bit longer than the old one, which means that I will have to buy more garland and wreaths, but it’ll be fine. Today’s garden harvest looks great! I spent about…

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The universe has spoken

I rode to Philly with several ladies from the ward this morning planning to go to the temple. When we got here, my recommend was expired. It’s my fault, of course. I should have checked it before I left. But it’s just as well. I’m not sure I could pass an interview anyway at the moment. I’m pretty sure there’s a God. I’m trying to get to know him again, but they will probably let that slide. It’s question 2 that’d be the problem. Maybe 3, too. I’m a little bummed — thought I had another year. I actually do like the new endowment. The new initiatory wasn’t that big of a deal to me, but I know some others…

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