Peas, please

I went to Meadow Farms and finally found sugar snap pea seeds! Lowe’s didn’t have them, nor did Target. I also picked up some kale seeds and some snow pea seeds. I’ll plant the snow peas on the other side of the trellis next week — I hope they will grow up okay even with the pole beans already growing and doing well there. If they don’t it’s okay — I don’t like snow peas that much :-) I finally pulled up the bush beans today and put sugar snap peas in where the pole beans died back in the flood. I have not picked any of the Garden of Eden beans in two weeks. I’m hoping they will go…

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Succulent in a pink pot

Behold: my first commission! Okay, so I didn’t get paid for it. And it’ll probably hang in a bathroom. And a family member asked for it — guess who? But I’m okay with it. I like the shadow and pot on try 2 best. The leaves are pretty darn good in try 3. Try 1 almost made me sleep badly, lol. I don’t love any of them, but they’re not “terrible, terrible,” as I told Sheana last night. :) Oh well. It’ll hang in a bathroom. Pretty sure I’m good. Also I just discovered that the Let’s Make Art girl is a Mormon. I hope her business is doing well!

Flood damage

I’m tired of gardening!!! It’s been five months of pretty steady labor and heat, and I’m getting tired. I’m so sick of gardening I didn’t even want to pick tomatoes at Del’s on Friday. I’m just sick of it. This has been one of my best gardens ever harvest-wise, but it has also been one of the most challenging with the deer and groundhog and water issues. I’m getting worn down. It’s been a week since I about killed the garden by overwatering. Here’s the damage: The pole beans that got flooded are dead. I am trying to let the Garden of Eden grow until I can save some seeds, but it’s not looking good. The bush beans are also…

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I got these pictures of some of my roses today. We call this the Fitzhugh rose. It’s a pretty ordinary English rose but has family significance, having been planted within feet of where an ancestor was cuckolded and murdered while his wife rode off with the killer/lover in the 1100s: New Dawn is starting to rebloom: And these are tea roses Jared for me last week for our 22nd anniversary:

Goodbye, Duchess

We will never know exactly what happened. Sydney’s cat, Duchess, was on camera going under the steps about 2am yesterday, fine. She came out about 4pm walking funny. By time we saw her — about 6pm — the vet was closed, so we brought her inside and let her stay in for the night. She was very weak and wouldn’t eat or drink. We could see one very small wound at the back of her skull, but nothing else. Sydney and I did what we could to clean the wound and try to see what happened, but Duchess’ fur was just too matted. Today I got her in to the vet first thing. We can’t know what happened for sure,…

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And all the boards did shrink

Clearly The Fates are out to get me. It rained for hours and hours last night. The garden is still very soggy from the 24-hour flood I subjected it to Saturday, and the tomato plants were looking pretty rough. Today, after the storm, it was even worse: The plants are shriveling up — probably root rot, coupled with the late blight they already had. Luckily Del’s tomatoes are starting to put on, so I am still able to pick a few tomatoes each day. The carrot sprouts from seed seem to have died, but the ones on the other bale are still alive. I may go ahead and replant in case I can get anything to come up. Several more…

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My garden column

Jared has been working on putting in water and electricity to the garden for me. It rained heavily yesterday, and so it’s easy to see the fixtures with the form wet. Here are some pictures of the thing he built: It has two potable water spigots, a water fountain, and an electrical outlet. The pvc pipe is the drain for the water fountain, which I asked him to make drain into the asparagus bed so that the drain water wasn’t wasted. He did not test his set up before he started pouring concrete, and it has low water pressure. He went out there yesterday to take a look at it. He thinks he may have had some rocks in the…

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Daisy delight

Art for art’s sake is one of those things that I gave up to become a mom. I’ve occasionally designed things for websites and lessons or logos or other applications, but designing is not the same as making art. Design usually has a practical reason, and while it is fun, usually someone told you what to make. There are are parameters and a client to satisfy when you design something. Art, to me, is just for fun — none gets to tell me something is right or wrong. I just make something and if it’s trash I can toss it. If it’s fun I can keep it. I tried painting a new LMA kit called Daisy Delight yesterday. It did…

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We went to a 13-hour movie marathon at the Alamo on Saturday. I went to the garden before we left and watered the carrot sprouts. We enjoyed watching the Lord of the Rings EXTENDED VERSION until about midnight with Sydney and four of her friends. It was so fun! You wouldn’t think that you could hold up for 13 hours in a movie theater, but it was no big deal. The seats are comfortable, they let us bring in pillows and blankets, and the menu at the Alamo is pretty good, so food was never an issue. I do wish they had more healthy options, however. The menu is kind of heavy for a 13-hour sitting. I ended up ordering…

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Hip thrust using a smith machine

I couldn’t really find anything online that shows how to set up to do hip thrusts with a smith machine. Several months ago Sydney and I messed around and figured out how to do this set up: We are short people, so we use the step platform to lift us up so that we can comfortably reach the bar. On this machine, it’s very hard to get under the bar unless it’s raised up a little bit. The platform also helps raise us up so that we can pivot under our shoulder blades while resting against the weight bench for better form. The pad helps for any discomfort from the weights.

The carrots sprouted!

The carrots have sprouted! I am thrilled! I thought maybe I had killed them by neglecting to water them at first. Both the carrot seed tape and the loose carrot seeds sprouted. Hooray! I planted put the first of the fall plants: kohlrabi, radish, onion, leeks, celery, and broccoli. I got some beans and a Cherokee Purple and a Marvel Stripe. Here are some pictures of the stuff that I’ve got in house: I saved some seeds from that weird tomato from the farmer’s market and the Lima beans: I think that the smaller squash may be dying. Here’s a picture from yesterday and today: I thought it would be nice to take a picture of how scraggly tomato plants…

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