Information on Seminary Course Options (released time, home study, daily or early morning, and online)

Our unit has a number of challenges that make it very difficult to organize Seminary. Our boundaries have resulted in a unit that covers parts of the boundaries of three high schools.  Additionally, one family of three Seminary-aged children attends a fourth high school.  Two students are enrolled in college courses.  Four or five more are home schooled.  The building to which we are assigned is far outside our ward boundaries, some 35 minutes drive for me (some students travel 45 minutes), and it’s another 25-35 minutes back to get to the high schools we are zoned for.  The three closer buildings are either too far from our high schools or are already filled to the brim with the Seminary…

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Why Students Hate Seminary (And What Teachers Can Do About It)

Students hate Seminary for many of the same reasons they hate school.  I know I hated school, and there were times I didn’t like Seminary, either. Below are three reasons students might hate Seminary: Seminary has no point.  Students show up to a class where a teacher makes them memorize obscure scripture passages, sing silly songs made up from the books of the Bible, reads crazy long charts aloud, asks stupid questions they already know the answer to, and then cries at the end. Seminary seems like it’s about scripture chasing, factoids, proving you read the scriptures, and jumping through hoops. Seminary is boring.  Seminary teachers often have strong testimonies of the gospel, and they love to share their experiences…

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Elders will be Sisters

This hilarious video from the Los Angeles Young Adults parodies Relief Society and Priesthood lessons. So funny!