D&C 60-64

Well, that went well.  I felt the spirit more strongly during this Relief Society gospel study lesson than in our previous lessons.  I started out by debunking that Mormon myth about the devil having control of the waters in D&C 61.  Easy.  Hopefully it’s clear to everyone that the destroyer is not the devil, but s/he is an angel of God’s whose job it is to tear things up when instructed.  That thing about missionaries not being able to swim because the devil has control of the waters is junk, too. Anyway, I went into the lesson using my old favorite What Did You Underline? This started a good discussion.  The verses we used were D&C 60:2, 3, 5, 7, 8–9,…

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ZION temple

D&C 57-59

I had a fun time with this lesson.  I felt like I had a clear focus, which gave me a chance to really push my lesson home.  I do wish I had more time to polish it, but I spent the day Monday Christmas-ing up the house for my daughter, and didn’t realize I hadn’t planned my lesson until I went to bed. I decided to read the text, and it was apparent that I had already read and marked it up the previous week, but I literally could not remember a thing about what I had planned to do.  I spend the evening locating a few quotes, reading the different manual approaches, and came up with my ideas. Then…

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Jenny's blog

D&C 49-56

I followed up on our challenge to introduce ourselves to new move-ins and seek to welcome them to our ward at the beginning of class.  No stories to share, but I’ll follow up again later. Last week we did not get to the gifts of the spirit in D&C 46, and since a student mentioned it was some of her favorite scripture, I asked her to do a 15 minute presentation at the beginning of class.  She did so, and did a great job.  There were a couple of questions about what some of the more obscure gifts of the spirit are, and I explained those.  Easy. To start off our lesson on the Shakers and D&C 49, I had…

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