President Monson says read the handbook

The Biggest Mistake YW Leaders Still Make

I’ve been active on a couple of Young Women facebook groups for a while now, and it’s apparent to me that most young women leaders don’t study the Church Handbook of Instructions.  It’s a huge mistake that’s easy to fix.  If you don’t read the handbook, you’re missing out on important information such as: Sunday lesson instruction is the responsibility of the Young Women president and her counselors.  Advisers are not the main Sunday teachers of young women. (10.3.2, 10.3.4) Class presidencies plan New Beginnings with the help of the Young Women presidency. (10.8.3) Adult leaders plan Young Women in Excellence with the help of young women. (10.8.4) Funds for camp are generated by fund-raiser only when funds from participants are…

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Young Women Leadership Training Handouts

I posted my Young Women leadership training handouts online at today!    I made these young women class presidency leadership training handouts for the bishopric to use when they issue calls to new young women class presidency members.  We have found that often class presidencies and parents do not understand the expectations for their calling, so I created these files to help young women and parents understand what their assignment entails. There are three Class Presidency Leadership Training Handouts, each describing one of the callings: class president, class secretary, and class counselor.  There’s a section on ministering, administering, meetings to attend, and training. I also made Young Women Presidency leadership training handouts for adult young women leaders at the…

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The myth of “Church Approved” resources

I got an email today asking me if my website was church approved.  I thought I had squelched the myth of “church approved” 11 years ago…  Guess not. This question indicates a misinterpretation of Church leaders’ teachings that just gets me so frustrated that I felt it merited a public response.  This post originally appeared on my FAQ, back 11 years ago: Is your website Church approved? No, it’s not. There is no such thing as church “approved” materials.  There are only church-produced materials.  Church-produced materials are created by Church employees and approved by its Curriculum department. The Curriculum department of the Church oversees the production of materials printed by the Church, like the Friend, lesson manuals, etc. You…

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