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The garden is still producing

I went out to the garden today and picked another 15 or so tomatoes. None is much larger than a ping pong ball, but I still have them in several different colors. The grape tomatoes are looking better and getting larger again now that it has cooled off, and I have been watering more regularly. The tomatoes in the asparagus are so big now that they are bending over and drooping onto the ground! I tied several branches up today.

It seems my daughter did not water the onions and leeks when I asked her to this weekend, and they are looking very rough. I may try to give them a boost with some miracle gro or something.
The deer has been in the garden regularly because we have been too lazy to change the battery on the sprinkler, and do things are stuttering in the garden:

Leeks in front, onions in back

In happier news, the new hedges haven’t died yet, and the new New Dawn rose I put in from White Flower Farm looks great! I can’t believe how good plants from there look! Even the clematis is alive.

I am getting some beans still, and the peas I planted are doing pretty well. I had a few that spilled out into the bottom of my garden bucket, got wet, and sprouted, so I planted them where the peas were thin. Virtually all of them survived and are looking pretty good.

The zephyr squash may be making a comeback, but I am still getting blossom end rot. I think they are just not getting the right amount of water. The purple cabbage nearby doesn’t look too great either.

Most everything is dying back and looking weak, like these zinnias. The garden is a mess right now with tools and such. We are replacing one of the sheds and stuff is everywhere. These cauliflower plants got some deer damage:

Look at this! This is a Brussels Sprout plant. I’m not sure if this is where the sprouts grow from or what — it got lots of bug damage while I was neglecting the garden — but, wow, it looks cool!

Brussels sprout plant close up

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