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Teeny tiny veg

Maybe it’s middle age settling in on me, but oh, how I love to watch the vegetables form! From blossom to mini-me to the awkward teen phase to fully mature fruit — I just love it! Today I picked some lima beans at the baby stage so I could make succotash, and for carried away looking at how the plants go from blossom to little bud to miniature bean to baby beans to ripe. I was out in the morning so the light filtered through the bean pods from the east. It was like a little ultrasound — I could see the little beans forming and decide if I wanted to pick them or let them mature a little longer. It was difficult to photograph, but I did get these:

Tiny Garden of Eden beans and blossoms
Not ready yet — first trimester, I suppose
Ready! This was stupid difficult to photograph for some reason. Also, look in the background, and you can see that the farmers cut hay in the middle of the night last night. Crazy!

It was tricky to do with my cell phone, but I got this picture of two tiny Brandywines growing, as well! They are about the size of the plastic head of a pin right now:

Filthy hand and some teeny tiny tomatoes

I watered the hay bales and took some more pictures:

I went to the farmers market and bought some sweet corn, bell peppers, and okra to go with my tomatoes and Lima beans in the succotash. I used bacon and Herbes de Provence to season — it was out of this world delicious! The corn was so sweet Sydney asked me if I had added sugar.

Spring is the prettiest season here in Virginia, but summer tastes best.

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