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Bring your tomato to lunch day

After my doctor appointment (take vitamins for the nerve issues, begin physical therapy), we left to head out the Korean Spa. I spent a few minutes in the garden checking on everything just before we left.

I brace myself every day, but there was no pest damage today. I left the tomatoes to vine ripen for another few hours. I may pick them tonight when we get home.

I put more fertilizer on the hay bales and then wetted then down. Phew — what a funk. They are definitely rotting. I picked up carrot seeds at Lowe’s yesterday. One is a rainbow mix and the other is an improved Nantes.

We also got sterile seed starting mix so I can start the blackberries and clematis.

One whole branch of the back forty Early Girl was still wilty today, so I cut the whole thing off. The rest of the plant looks good, so maybe it’s an insect issue.

The beans are still looking good after the fertilizer treatment. The leaves are definitely greener and I only saw one leaf that was sick. I pulled some beans that were ready along with a beautiful Cherokee Purple that really should be in a magazine. It’s perfect. Like any proud parent, I took a ton of pictures because photographing a tomato from multiple angles and in multiple poses is a perfectly natural thing to do:

I have tomatoes that are starting to get overripe, so I took a page from NCTomatoMan and did my own #BringYourTomatoToLunch day. I stuffed two tomatoes in my purse along with a knife and took them with us as we left the house.

Okay, it was more like brunch. And Craig brought his tomatoes to Red Robin and put them on a burger, like a Normal Person. We used ours as a side dish to our pastries from the French-Korean bakery, Tous le Jour.

I assure you this is perfectly normal behavior for the average American.

For sure.

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