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I am keeping busy this week with the compassionate service and planning for our big Sunday throwdown. I am making a photo mosaic for use in our reading program. I’m also babysitting for a last minute addition to the craziness of this week tomorrow. I only got about 5 or 6 things ironed today because Lynlee came over and got me to worrying about this thing Sunday. Plus my VTer came over. I was glad to see them of course, but I have to get on all this stuff.

My right wrist is killing me. Ibuprofen has no effect.

The house is a mess. I am ready to get some help in here, but the store is down and I’m not sure that I dare do it. Things will be better after this month I hope.

My friend told me all the Utahns are freaking about swine flu. I’m not surprised. If the flu follows the pattern of earlier flus, this course will be not very strong, but it will get bad the next go-round. The 1917-1918 flu was weak the first time. Then it infected nearly 1/3 of the earth’s population and killed over 50 million. Nowadays tho, we can make vaccines and antivirals. I expect they will have shots ready by the time this mutates, and it won’t be much to speak of. I’m always optimistic — maybe too much so.

My sister’s new place flooded in Houston this week. Filled daddy’s car up with water. The interstate was 15 feet deep in water. Why on God’s green earth does anyone live in Houston? They haven’t been there a year and this is the second flood.

DS made dinner, Lord love him, and the lawnmower is finally back from the shop. Jared cut the grass, and now I don’t feel so embarrassed every time a car drives by, which is every minute or so! Bishop Stokes brought over a foos ball table for the kids. DD thinks he is da bomb.

Went to the gym Monday. Should have gone this morning, but I would have missed Lynlee. Can’t go tomorrow.

Looks like we’re still on for Mijin’s move Saturday and April’s continued home repair. It’s girls’ night out tomorrow. So ready.

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