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Friday just about put me in my grave.

Got up late — still not sleeping well after hitting that cat with my car — but I got DD to school early so I could take DS to the dentist. Things went well there, so I took DS back to school and picked up DD to take her to get her passport. Well, some miscommunication occurred, and after getting her pix done I ended up at a different post office than Jared (both custodial parents have to appear for a minor to get a passport, unless they have a notarized statement). So, delay of 25 minutes while I got from 610 to 17. Pulled in the parking lot, and Jared realizes he has left home w/o the paperwork that I had laying out for him. So he had to go back home, get it, and come back. Another delay. We barely got in before 1:30 when they close. Since it was so late and her class would have already eaten, I took DD out to eat lunch. By the time we were done, it was apparent that I couldn’t get her back to school, go to the hospital to visit Sister B and then get back to the school to pick up the kids. Plus, it was too late to help out in class anyway, and so I took DD to the hospital with me for the visit. We bought some balloons in the gift shop, and I think she was tickled. She was clearly glad to see us. In the mean time, I texted Jared to ask him to call the school and tell them I’d pick up DS in the office at 3:30. In a few minutes, I got a panicked cell phone call from the school. Some how the message got garbled, and they called DD’s class looking for her. Her teacher panicked, of course. I straightened them out, went to the school and apologized to both kids’ teachers — to DD’s for giving her a heart attack, and DS’s for missing my volunteer appointment. Took the kids to the house to pick up their piano books, and while we were there, I mowed the grass. Yes, for the 35 minutes we were there, I cut grass like a madwoman. (See, it’s been raining for something like 2 weeks, and since our mower was broken for 2 weeks before that, grass in our yard was literally over my knees. I’ve never seen clover that tall before.) Then, all hot and sweaty, I got in the car and hauled the kids to piano. While there, Kelly calls me to say that 95 is a mess and that they’re stuck in traffic. She says we should leave now to get to Star Trek in time (this is over 2 hours before it’s supposed to start. Arg.) On top of this, we had been trying to get a sitter, but they all bailed on us last minute due to a birthday party that apparently every kid on earth was invited to. I tried to get in touch with the other group of people, and failed. So, I got Jared to meet me on 610, and we drove to the theater together. The worst of the traffic must have cleared, b/c it only took us an hour (compared to the 2 hours it took our friends). Our other friends were outside waiting for us. I felt bad — we had already printed the tickets and they were waiting at guest services, but they didn’t know. The theater was “full”, so Jared scalped his ticket and he and the kids went to an arcade and out to eat Thai food while I went in with our friends. We were among the last people in the theater, and were on the front row of the IMAX screen — let’s just say it was not the ideal viewing angle. Anyway, the movie was good, a really nice start up for a potential series on tv or in theaters. I am so relieved it was good. Met up with fam in lobby, then went home. Still took almost an hour b/c 95 was so bad. We took Rt 1 instead.

This is why I can’t get anything done.

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