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Catchup day

Today is garden catchup day. It’s been too cold to work, so today we made up for it. We cut grass, weed wacked some spots that needed it, made two trips to the dump and two to the woods, cleaned up most of the old shed stuff, planted out about 25 leeks, put in a 18 hollyhocks, moved some new bricks to the garden beds, moved the grow bags where they can be watered automatically, mulched around the clematis and roses, started mulching around the blackberries to see if it will keep them honeysuckle down, put the fire pit back together, stacked up the wood from the wedding, planted zinnias, planted herb seeds, and pulled I don’t know how many weeds.

I still have to put in the new shed, plant lettuce (very late), and transplant the beans, squash, zucchini, tomatillos, and cucumbers I’m trying to do. I may buy a second shed to match the first. I’m starting to doubt whether the one I bought will actually work for the lawn mower :-/




Posted by Jenny Smith

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