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What if Seminary was foever cancelled?

Last week I read a blog entry from Leading LDS titled “What if Elder’s Quorum was Forever Cancelled“. It really got me to thinking about the meetings we hold in the Church. Would people have missed Relief Society if it was cancelled when I was president? How about now in Seminary? Do my students consider Seminary vital in their lives? Do they miss it over the summer?

I hope they miss Seminary over the summer. I had a few tell me they were sad it was ending, though most were glad to not get up so early in the morning, as was I. I hope that all my lesson preparation is with that goal: helping students understand that gospel study is exciting and vital — something they just can’t live without.

I’m getting really excited to teach the gospel this year from the New Testament. I am not sure what I can do today to prepare for next year…. Maybe I will work on my Teaching Methods Chart for the website. I’m compiling a list of Teaching Methods you can use grouped by the type of lesson you’re trying to teach. I may do it as a Drupal “book”. Not sure…..

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