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I Wish I Taught Seminary in South Carolina!

I read in USA Today this article:…

It describes how students are allowed to receive credit toward graduation through released time courses. Wow.

Of course the grading that equates to a high school course, I wouldn’t enjoy as much…..

Tuesday I had my meeting with the SI representative and the new Stake Representative. They gave me the New Testament manual and videos for next year. (The videos are actually the old videos — the new stuff isn’t out yet.) I was surprised how well the meeting went. I admit I had been kind of dreading it, since last year my interview culminated with a worried call by the SI guy to the Bishopric. LOL. I explained what I did last year with the assigned reading, etc. They asked me to come to inservice in September and talk about the idea that the kids will do the reading if we help them understand why there’s value in the material. Scripture reading is like a drug: if they’ll try it, they’ll be hooked.

Today I have created the popular license plate images for New Testament scripture mastery. I think I may use these this year myself. We bought a game called Hedbanz, and I think that these would be fun to use in the head bands for the kids to practice scripture mastery.

I also made New Testament book word strips like last year. I will use them as five-minute filler games later in the year after the students have learned the books of the New Testament.

I hope to come up with some kind of timeline game, too, so that students can learn the timeline of the New Testament as well. I felt like that was very useful information when we did it for Old Testament.

Okay, my eyes are shriveling in their sockets. Time for a nap or rest or something. The weather is well above 100 degrees with the heat index and has been for days. It’s some kind of miserable out there. My tomatoes are terrible. :( I planted more than I ever had and they are dying. The cucumber and melon are holding out still, but the rest of the garden is about dead.

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