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Want to see inside a Mormon Temple?

Admit it — you’d love to peek inside the nooks and crannies of a Mormon Temple. Well now you can!…

There’s a new scale model of the Salt Lake Temple on historic Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah. You can get an “Open House” type experience without having to wear those silly footies :). The rooms for the sacred Mormon Temple ritual are modeled in exquisite detail, including the baptistry for Baptisms for the Dead, sealing rooms for Temple Weddings, and instructional rooms for Endowment ceremonies.

The temple model is part of a permanent exhibit that opened at 1:30 PM on May 28, 2010.

“Many people think our temples are like great halls or cathedrals. Actually, they have a number of rooms designed for certain functions such as marriages, baptisms and instructional sessions,” said Elder William R. Walker, executive director of the Church’s Temple Department.

The model of the Salt Lake Temple sits in front of a giant window in the South Visitors’ Center facing the actual building that it replicates. The south and east walls of the replica have been cut away to show depictions of many of the rooms in the temple, including the large assembly hall and rooms where the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles meet. The baptistery and other ordinance rooms are also depicted. Close attention is paid to detail, and even paintings, furniture and working chandeliers and lamps imitate those found in the actual temple.

Peter McCann Architectural Models of Toronto was commissioned to create the replica last August. Sixteen modelers with different expertise in various parts of the duplication process worked on the project for five months.


Apparently the detail work is so fine many are expressing astonishment at the feat. Congratulations to the modelers and others who’ve worked on this exciting project.

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