rs charm 2 "Charming" Relief Society jewelry

“Charming” Relief Society jewelry

My gorgeous Relief Society charm is up for sale!!!  And, because I designed the charm and have it manufactured overseas, I can offer these charms at the best prices anywhere!  Yay me!

You can get them for $1.49 at this link: Relief Society Charm, until I have to raise the price to their regular retail value of $1.99.

I am so excited about these charms! They make the most beautiful earrings and pins!!! I will be adding earrings to my line of LDS jewelry items and probably some more jewelry kits. It’s so gratifying to see a design go from the drawing board to a real, tangible item. The RS charm is my best design so far, hands down. The Young Women charm took the longest to create, because it took me a long time to settle on a font.

Worst has to be the Primary charm, but it serves its purpose. :)

Posted by Jenny Smith

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