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Well, it’s been forever since I blogged. Naturally.

Lemme sum up what’s been going on: pulled off the ward Christmas party, got snowed in for 3 days in the biggest December snowfall on record in the DC area while Jared was stranded out of town, survived Christmas after my family decided to come up last minute, made it through the holiday rush on the new product orders (barely keeping ahead of demand on some products), updated the design on website, began development on, uploaded new DB products, uploaded the new Cedar Fort products, survived a visit from Jared’s folks for working on the basement, and have killed at Volusion with the intent of moving it to Ubercart later next month.

That on top of callings and life and filling orders and trying to start this Biggest Loser program. I’m swamped.

I’ve been to the gym once so far this month. It’s making me crazy that I can’t get there more regularly. I am hoping to go today, but Daddy just made me promise to read a blog on keeping a Boxer dog because he and Mike P want us to get one of Butch’s babies. *Sigh*

I have so many ideas that are halfway started. I just want to finish one. I am considering asking a lady in the ward to help me. She is currently working, and I think she might be too busy. Arg…..

Well, that’s it for now. I’ve had some interesting insights into treatment of other people — treating others kindly is indeed the most important thing we can do in life — and perhaps I’ll have time to write about it later.

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I'm Jenny Smith. I blog about life on the 300+ acres of rolling farmland in Northern Virginia where I live. I like tomatoes, all things Star Trek, watercolor, and reading. I spend most days in the garden fighting deer and groundhogs while trying to find my life's meaning. I'm trying to be like Jesus -- emphasis on the trying.