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I’ve been down in the dumps, on top of a cold thing and coupled with being snowed in with no sun – it’s been a completely wasted week. I feel useless but I’m still unmotivated.

The winter here has been unusually rough. We got snowed in with about 20 inches in December and again this weekend with 20+ inches falling in 24 hours. The kids went to school for a short day only one day last week, and school was cancelled for Monday and Tuesday this week. I expect we will not be able to go back to school until Thursday or Friday, because another storm that could drop 8 inches is coming again Tuesday night. (Keep in mind tho, that both of the 2+ foot snows we’ve had started with a 3-8 inch prediction that quickly escalated). I usually like snow, but this has been that fluffy stuff. It can’t be made into anything like a snowman or a cave and doesn’t make for good sledding. It’s just in the way. This sparkly stuff is pretty on the trees and on the hills. It’s been really nice to look out the window at the farm. It’s especially beautiful when the sun is rising or setting turning it gold or pink.

This weekend’s storm was a lot less stressful than December’s because Jared was here. He took care of the shoveling and cars and ASL’s place and dug out the heat pump and the generator. No one can dig out 1/4 mile of driveway, so we’ve been parking the van by the road so we can get at least one car out. Today I hope to get dug out enough to get to the grocery store. We need eggs and vanilla and chicken — all of which we thought we had plenty of, but actually didn’t.

We haven’t been to church in weeks. We lost two full weeks in January because of the gym floor being refinished, and the next two weekends we’ve all been snowed in. Two Sundays ago the men with 4wd picked up the Young Men nd went out and dug out all the singles and older folks. They do something like 15 driveways each time. It’s a big undertaking, and I’m so pleased to see the young men stepping up like that. They’ve got it down pat now. I guess they’ll probably do some digging today or tomorrow, too, but since it’s snowing again on Tuesday it could be a waste of time.

The cats have been peeing on the floor and in the boxes of inventory in the office. I had to throw out a bunch of stickers. Arg. Luckily I had already ordered more stock because they were getting low, so it didn’t kill me to throw them out. I do NOT handle that sort of “accident” well. The kids and Jared are wanting a puppy — one of Mike P’s Butch’s pups — and I am not sure that I can handle a dog’s messes on top of the cats. If it could be an outside dog, I’d like it better, but boxers have to be inside in the cold weather. I have a feeling I’m going to be out-voted on the this and live to regret it.

I started researching another trip to England because airfare is so low right now. Problem is kids are in school, and I am just not terribly excited to see London AGAIN. I know that sounds horrible. It’s just that every time we go, I take someone who hasn’t been before so we have to go AGAIN to all the things we’ve seen before, and I don’t get to see the new things I really want to see. I want DD to go, but we may just wait until we go to Ireland with Jared’s folks and see the Drainey homeland. I expect to do that this fall or spring. Hm. I wonder if pulling DS out during middle school year will be as easy as taking him out during elementary school. They can’t really fail him in elementary since they’ve eliminated real grading (don’t get me started). Not sure. Maybe I better ask some of the friends on facebook to see what they think….

I think I’m getting a little depressed again. It’s this time of year. I don’t know if I should see someone or not :(

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