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Ten Commandments and Beyond

For the 10 commandments lesson, I wrote the following chart on the board:

1 – Deuteronomy 5:1–8
2 – footnote f, D&C 68:25
3 – footnote b, Mormon 7:7, D&C 58:30
4 – Exodus 31:12–17, Deuteronomy 5: 12–15
5 – Deuteronomy 11: 8–9, 17, 21; Helaman 7:24
6 – footnote a
7 –
8 –
9 – footnote a
10 – Matthew 5:28

I had the kids list the 10 commandments aloud using the motions from the video I keep mentioning:

We use the actual KJV language when we practice, however.

The kids wrote the commandments on the board after each number and list of cross references. Then we went around the circle and read the references for each.

We read the cross references and discussed each commandment more in detail. The coveting one was pretty good. We talked about how men shouldn’t covet women, and then replaced the scripture with she-words : “SHE who looketh on a MAN to lust after HIM hath committed adultery already in HER heart”. Yeah, Twilight (Team Edward / Team Jacob) was brought up, but not by me. :) I avoided condemning the books as strongly as I could have and would like to, but I didn’t have to. The girls totally got it.

And the boys were a little surprised that someone was talking about sexual error without slamming them alone.

It was a pretty good lesson. Would have been fantastic if I hadn’t prepared so far ahead that I had forgotten what all the cross references were listed for. I should have had the reasons I wrote them listed so that I was better prepared to respond when the kids read their reference. Still a good lesson.

I suggested to the girls that they write a Personal Progress goal based on one of the 10 commandments they’d like to work on and then report in 2 weeks to a leader. It was clear none of them were going to spring (they were still in shock for thinking they’ve committed adultery in their hearts with a warewolf), but I threw it out there. I think it’s important to support DTG and PP when we can.

Exodus 32

I displayed a little stone idol I bought years ago in Ephesus. Asked the kids what the definition of idolatry was.

Passed out the Idolatry worksheet I made based on the lesson manual. Since so many kids were absent, I assigned out the questions to each kid. 2 were left over and I took those. Our secretary gave us 4 minutes on the timer to answer the questions, and then we all responded, with the kids filling in the others’ answers on their own worksheet. Wrapped up by having students read the quotes on the handouts. The handouts go in the scripture binders.

I think I did name game to fill up the last few minutes.

Exodus 33-34

I was ill this day, and so my husband subbed for me. I wrote him a lesson outline to help him out — much better than my usual outline. He spent more time on the lesser law then I would have, but it’s all good. Here’s what I wrote for him:

I. The Israelites received a lesser law.

ON board write
Exodus 32:19
JST App Ex 34:14 – How were they different from the first set?
D&C 84:19–27 – Why was the lesser law given?
Galatians 3:24–35 – Purpose of the lesser law

(He wrote in the margin Mos 3:14 and Jacob 4:14–16. No idea if that’s Moses or Mosiah….)

We have a higher law. How are our responsibilities different than the Israelites because of it?

II. God can speak with man face to face

Zone Leaders read Ex 33:20 and John 1:18

ZLs pretend they are investigators and ask other zone members to tell them “if these verses are true, how could God appear to Joseph Smith?” (Remind the “missionaries” of Exodus 33:!1, the scripture mastery, “face to face spake He”.)

Give them 3-4 minutes on the timer for the exercise.

Have the ZLs report on who did a good job. Invite 2 of them to the front of the room to demon with teacher as an investigator.

(In real life, he just walked around and listened to their responses and chose someone to come up front. He said the boy did a great job.)

Point out that many people have spoken with God face to face. Can they name any ? See Seminary Manual p 85 for list. Write the names they come up with on the board.

Read quote on p 85 Manual, rt column.

Ask how did Joseph Smith know this was true?

Student (I had invited ahead of time) will recite the Joseph Smith History scripture mastery.

He forgot to invite the student to share, but other than that I think he pretty much covered it all. I don’t think the student was too sad that she wasn’t put on the spot after all. :)

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