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Moses: The Movie .. and the Tabernacle

After this blog entry I’ll be all caught up!

Monday and Tuesday we spent reviewing what we’ve learned so far on Moses and making movies. The kids wrote out their scriptures which had to include:

some scripture language
a power phrase (pretty much all of them forgot this)
and had to be finished TODAY

Last time our movies took forever, and I told them we could not have that again. The kids wrote out their scripts. I put out some scraps of fabric and the Moses wig and such and let them grab their things Hunger Games style. The three groups did movies on the parting of the Red Sea, the burning bush, Moses in the bulrush basket, and the 10 plagues. I had saved the drawings the kids did on the 10 plagues, but they also made a fly out of some scrap fabric and used some various stuffed animals that were around the house to either execute or destroy. These were not fantastic videos, but they did serve the purpose for which they were intended: reinforcement of the material we’ve covered so far.

On Monday we had a few things to celebrate, so in addition to filming our movies, my husband also made Belgian waffles and cheese grits for the class. We had two new kids move in who have been having release time Seminary in Utah before now. I can’t imagine what they thought about all this :)

The Tabernacle: Exodus 25:1–22, chapter header for Exodus 27, Exodus 28: 1–12, 30–43

Today the reading was about the Tabernacle, so for our opener I had the kids work as zones to draw the Tabernacle from memory. I didn’t ask to see them, but after they had their 4 minutes of drawing time, I stood at the front of the class and did a quick labeling and explanation myself with their input.

Then I showed the movie — “We get A MOVIE?!?!?!?!?!” — from the Old Testament Videos list. It was #14 “The Tabernacle”. Seminary OT Video Guide. I try to avoid the videos for the most part because so many of them are pretty bad. The one on the website for Moses and the 10 commandments is very bad. But “The Tabernacle” is nicely done, and so we used it.

As an aside, if you don’t have the Old Testament Visual Resource DVDs, get them. They well organized and invaluable.

402_00492000_p_348 – Old Testament Visual Resource DVDs

I did use part of the suggestion for using the video on the DVD, and had the kids write down the symbolism they noted from the video. After the video we discussed the symbolism they noted. I pointed out that these same patterns are the ones they will find when they go to the temple. They are similar to the patterns noted in the Passover. We study the Tabernacle (a structure we no longer use) because it was the pattern for Solomon’s temple, our own temples today, and most importantly, it’s symbols point us to Jesus Christ.

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