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Synced Calendars! Yay for!!!

Last year I made my reading chart as a document and would print off sheets as needed each quarter. This year, I’ve posted my Seminary reading calendar for New Testament online as a Google calendar. You can see it below if you’re interested. It goes from September 10 to May 31:

Putting the calendar online means that everyone can access it at any time and I can make changes to the Calendar from my tablet, computer, or phone. It also syncs between devices. I am hoping that my students will also sync the calendar to their devices so they always have an up-to-date reading chart so that I don’t have to constantly print out papers or send out reminders on Facebook if there’s a change.

Anyway, it occurred to me that the place I should really have the calendar is at, but there is no way I am going to re-type all that stuff. So I checked, and yes,’s calendar does support iCal uploads. And it will sync calendars from to devices, too! I have emailed the ward clerk to see if I can upload the calendar (he’ll have to set me up a calendar I can edit), and hopefully I’ll be able to influence our little group to check out the great new tools at Yay!

I went through everyone’s binders to make sure they all had copies of True to the Faith and bookmarks and pens and pencils for next year. Thought I’d post some pictures:

A peek inside of a Seminary cubby

A row of cubbies. This is an IKEA bookcase that we use to hold student materials.

These are the posters I have on the wall. The agenda one will change now that I’m replacing the scripture mastery recitation with short talks written during class.

Here is the scripture mastery stuff I’ve collected/created for this year. I will write more on that later.

This is my apply poster and a new thing. It’s a sticker with weekly dates on it so that my secretary can write the week’s reading up there as a reminder. We can also put any upcoming dances, etc, so that we announce them less during our regular opening exercises. (The seminary manual calls the thing I call opening exercises “devotional”. I think of devotional as just a talk or spiritual thought.)

Today I also read last year’s first lesson. Then I hole-punched all my handouts and put them in the order I will use them so that they are ready for use during the year. I hope to have my first few lessons all set by the end of the day. I have skeletons for the first week’s lessons, but they are not finished yet. Also tonight I’ve got a meeting with the other teacher and Bishop about Seminary. Just 4 weeks!

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