SMstuff2 0 Scripture Mastery and Study Skills Tool Kit

Scripture Mastery and Study Skills Tool Kit

I thought I’d post a few pictures of the items I created before class this year. Some of these are what I call Five Minute Fillers, while others are just tools for scripture mastery games:

Here’s the collection.

I made these new testament scripture mastery Classroom sized flash cards. They are printed on card stock and have the scripture reference on the back.

Here are the Books of the New Testament word strips (below). After students have learned the Books of the NT song, I pull these out whenever there are a few minutes left of class and have them organize the books. It’s a good study help activity. Also shown is the scripture mastery bookmark. I will use this as a memorization aid. Those are the phrases I’m having the kids memorize for scripture mastery this year instead of magic squares.

Here are some handmade notecards that I use for scripture mastery games, especially the fly swatter game. Each of the verses is written on 7 cards plus one for the reference. Also shown is the scripture mastery license plates (attached below)

I heard of an activity online where you wrap up candy in packing tape. I am trying it out this year with scripture mastery. Basically, I will show a flashcard. One student will unwrap the ball while the other class members chase to the scripture reference. The unwrapping student gets to keep anything he/she is able to unwrap while the others are chasing. The cups and rubber band ball are for scripture mastery games where you stack up the cups and get to shoot at the stack of cups if you get the passage correctly. It can be played as teams or individually.

These are the two most expensive things I use during Seminary, I suppose. One is a shock ball. It emits a random shock, and so we use it like a hot potato style game where each student repeats the next word of a scripture mastery verse. Here are some instructions for using the shock ball for scripture mastery. The other is an inexpensive set of buzzers I bought at Amazon. I will use it for group activities.

Be sure to check out my new scripture mastery games library: I’ve collected well over 100 scripture mastery games categorized by group size, scriptures learned, and duration of play.

Downloads – Restored

Below are downloads I’ve restored from my old website. These are the license plate files.

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