i can go the distance1 Stolen Image!

Stolen Image!

Omigosh.  I just about died this afternoon when I visited what may be the oldest Young Women website on the internet and found MY IMAGE being used on t-shirts this individual has been selling for years.  This person was one of the first, if not THE first, to sell Young Women helps in book form.  Her website was one of the earliest sites that shared free help, and it is simply astonishing to find that this member has been taking advantage of me in this way.

______, this is Jenny Smith, and I was ASTONISHED to see my I Can Go the Distance image on t-shirts that you have been offering for sale on your website. I simply can not wrap my head around this theft.  I created that shirt [logo] years ago for my cousin’s youth conference, and have offered it free on my websites for years.I simply can not believe you would steal the image, remove my copyright, and then use it on a product you are selling.  Then you had the gall to put your copyright on the image!  It’s simply mind-blowing.

Mine is not the only item she’s stolen — she’s actually stolen logos from Disney and is trying to sell items with that on it, too.  Horrifyingly, she’s just selling t-shirts with iron-on transfers of the type you can print at home for $10 each!  What is she thinking?!?!?!

I am heart-sick. And not to mention angry.  This is a person WHO DEFINITELY KNOWS BETTER.  She is a published author and church member, who is featured online boasting of how she loves to “help women” accomplish things in business.  There just aren’t words.

Pondering next actions….

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