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So tired.

One thing is clear — the website is not user-friendly enough. I spent most of last week working on making the nodes for story and image display better. Bunged out a thing for object lessons, too. Based on the incredibly poor user response to the site in terms of posting activity, it’s clear that I’ve got lots more to do. 4,000 users a day, and only 1-2 posts a week. I’m obviously doing _something_ wrong.

School was closed today for snow. I am so glad that we got some snow finally. I haven’t gotten to play outside in it tho. Darn website.

I was embarrassed when my counselor discovered my website yesterday while I was on the phone with her. Somehow I’ve got to kill

Compassionate service has really been busy this past week. It’s amazing to me that it comes in such spurts.

I’m hungry. Five Guys is sounding good, I think. This is SO a business expense.

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