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Ah — the sweet relief of feeling productive…..

Today I cleaned outside, put shelves in the closet and used my Narwal Robotic and Mop Vacuum to clean the rest of the house, updated pricing for Crowning Jewel, paid Specialties, emailed the (new) Bishop, enlisted a new VTer, called my secretary and Ed counselor and a sick member, and have done a little on the website. And it’s not even 3PM! I’ve really gotten a good bit done this week, considering. I’ve been struggling with some depression and it’s been good to feel a little better.

On a crummy note, our ShareBuilder account is down 24%, the kids’ 529 is now below basis, and our 401k retirement fund has evaporated. Stupid overspenders have hurt us all, and I don’t expect the Obama “Throw Money At It” philosophy to help any. We’re hemorraghing money — thank goodness there has been a drop in oil prices to keep the recession from worsening. I might need to seek advice from our fiscal security to secure our finances.

I have updated the website to have special node display templates for object lessons, primary talks, blogs, and activities. It’s helping already, I think. I also added little sticker things to encourage users to post a comment or share their ideas. So far not one person has shared an activity idea or object lesson, and I used to get those several times a week before. The new website is harder to use for the uninitiated, but I’ll get it better.

Last night I went with some women from Church to see Confessions of a Shopaholic. I would NEVER have paid $10 to see it on my own, but really, it was pretty funny. A good chick flick. I can’t believe what movie tickets cost. I love my Netflix.

Jared ordered me some roses from ProFlowers. They wilted IMMEDIATELY. I put them in water Thursday night, and all but 2 buds were wilted by the next morning. We’ve never gotten such poor flowers from them before. Jared was so disappointed.

I think I didn’t help matters later….. Jared had planned to surprise me last night by writing “Surprise” and taking me somewhere for Valentine’s day, but I had already planned the girls’ night out. For today, all I want him to do is clean house and work on stuff. I am not really the we have to go out on Valentine’s Day kind. I’m not good at celebrating any kind of anniversary or holiday or birthday. Just don’t care. But I think he wanted to go out. So I’ll call ASL to see if she wants to sit the kids so we can go out and fight the crowds…..

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