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I’m a little less than four weeks out. Collecting and organizing materials has been the main emphasis this week. Today I spent a good bit of time adding some of the handouts I’ve been given to my manual. This experience has made me wish that my laser printer had a duplexer for two-sided printing….

It seems that the login issues I was having at were being caused by the Firefox browser. I was able to log in using my iPhone during our inservice, which helped me diagnose the problem.

Anyway, I downloaded the famed Magic Squares documents and printed many of the course materials for Old Testament. i punched them with my 3-hole-punch and then placed them inside my Old Testament manual like so:

What you’re seeing above is a handout titled “Saul, David, Salomon: What Went Wrong?” that has a columnar comparison of the kings. I’ve dropped it in my binder at the place where I think I’ll be likely to use it, along with dozens of other handouts.

I also organized the bins that I will use on the tables when we work on our scripture-journal-binder-thingies. I gotta find a better name than that….

Any way, each bin contains a set of broadline markers, a set of thin tip markers, a pack of crayons, 3 small scissors, 1 big scissors, and 2 glue sticks:

It was the sales tax holiday on school supplies this weekend, so every thing was rockbottomcheap.

I also put together the binders so they’d be ready for the first day of class:

Each binder so far has the handout from “Additional JST Excerpts” or whatever, a pencil case and a notebook. The pencil case contains an Old Testament bookmark, a red marking pencil, a regular pencil, and a pen:

I also bought some other supplies, too:

The little cups and rubber band ball are for playing Scripture Mastery rubber-band target games. I know that this group loves shooting rubber bands — we had a mutual activity where we did that some time back, and they all had a good time. I will also use the little cups to serve Esau’s pottage when I make that recipe during the Jacob and Esau lesson.

The styrofoam plates are instead of individual dry erase boards for some of the ideas I got from The Red Headed Hostess. The wipes will be used to wipe the plates off. Regular markers will work just fine — no need to use the expensive dry erase markers.

The rest of the stuff (index cards and silly ball) is pretty self explanatory, I imagine.

I should also say that I have dozens more files to put up on the website. My friend, Brent, gave me two CDs full of OT handouts and lesson ideas. He is totally the man.

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