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Collecting Seminary Ideas

Well, I’m continuing my hunt for Seminary ideas and have greatly expanded the Seminary articles on the site. I’ve added the following:

  • Seminary structure – for classroom organizational type stuff, how to assign a devotional, choose a prayer, integrate scripture mastery, etc. This is the part I had no clue about and about which I asked the most questions.
  • Seminary teaching tips – Includes lots of random links and ideas on teaching methods
  • Visual Aids – links to visual aid resources for teachers.

Organizing the helps in this way is really helping me get ready for my class next year. I’m getting lots of ideas about how to integrate scripture mastery into my classes. I’m also going to make some changes to the lesson plan I’ve been laying out based on information I’m getting from other teachers. When I graduated High School, my sister made me a book of *all* the quotes from all four home study Seminary manuals. It was a kind gift that took her lots and lots of time. I have the book here, but I will try to find the diskette (remember the 3.5 inch diskette?) and share the quotes here. I keep getting people asking for the 2011 primary theme worksheet. *sigh* I get so annoyed. Don’t people realize that I am not in Primary? Is it my job to write a worksheet for them — which btw — is totally simple and can be done in 30 minutes? :( They’re wearing me down tho.

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