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Politics of Survivor

I have decided that presidential elections are like that TV show Survivor. The best candidate never wins, because the other contestants attack them and beat them down early in the game. The worst candidates get ignored. So what you’re left with is the mediocre middling candidates without any major flaws: not _too_ good looking, not _too_ articulate, not _too_ conservative (too liberal isn’t a flaw, apparently), careful not to make a clear, definitive statement about hot button issues (abortion, taxes, economy, war, gay marriage)….

And then the ‘show’ drags on and on and on until the only two left standing are so high on GodKnowsWhatUppers that they can barely articulate themselves without a teleprompter by the end. It’s wrong, and we’ve been suffering from TWO YEARS of this. I’ve had enough. There should really be a rule about when candidates can start stumping, or at least about when the news media blasts us with their ridiculous campaign rhetoric 24 hours/day.

If Virginia wasn’t a battleground state, I’d stay home just because I’m so sick of the McBama/Padin coverage. Now that I’m not living in Utah, my vote may actually count. I swear if I get another robocall from Michelle Obama or the wacko Doomsday Republicans I will stay home after all.

I was laughing with Sheana — she is getting the robocalls at her new house already. And she hasn’t even had the phone a week. _I_ didn’t even have the number, and she was getting calls!!!

I am glad that CNN didn’t air the Obama Infomercial. I have a lot of respect for CNN as far as media ethics are concerned. I think they are biased in a lot of ways, but I think as far as media ethics go, they lead the pack, and they showed it with this decision. No candidate should be able to buy airtime like that, posing as news.

This is why I didn’t major in poly sci…..

I finally chose between Rock-Bottom-Cheap gym membership and Conveniently-Located-Expensive-Gym-Where-All-My-Friends-Go. I went with Cheap, predictably. I bought a 2 year membership for the cost of 4 months at the other gym. It means that I will be working out alone, but I’ve never really worked out with friends except for Freshman year at BYU.

The weather has been so beautiful the last few days. I love the Fall. I hope we get snow this year! We have the best sledding hills ever!

The kids are enjoying a field trip and career day today. We aren’t going trick or treating, except to ASL’s, because they got such a haul from the ward trunk or treat. Maybe we’ll go out to eat or something.

I have got to get some Christmas ads up. We MUST get this website going!

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