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Oh, peas

Don’t mind me. I may have shouted aloud and jumped up and down for joy when we discovered that these peas finally came up today. The weather has warmed up, and plants all over Stafford have exploded into bloom. I can’t remember a year where the pear, apple, and cherry trees looked as beautiful as they do this year. The pinks and whites and yellows of spring are doing my heart so much good.

The first asparagus spear is peeking up out of the mulch now — and to our astonishment, it’s over on the end of the bed where the leeks are planted! Leeks are supposed to stunt the growth of asparagus. We shall see…..

Asparagus spear

My friend, Cara, gave me a piece of leftover lattice from a project she’s doing, and Jared made me a wee trellis for my flower bed:

Someone should kill those weeds…

I also have some little flowers sprouting in the flower bed (I think these are poppies), and some seeds have sprouted over in the little flower bed (I thought I planted strawberries, but it definitely looks like spinach, lol. I’m not sure how I mixed that up so badly).

A pesky critter seems to have eaten up some of the leeks, and another is trying to get my Brussels sprouts. The sprouts look very good despite the cold damage, and I did spray them for bugs today, too.

But the strawberries look AMAZING, and I’m very happy with what’s happening in the garden so far. This is going to be a great year!

Jared and I made a Seder plate for a Passover-esque dinner today. Making the matzah bread in 18 minutes or less was kind of a comedy of errors — my bread was decidedly chewy — but the charoset turned out much better this time and the overwintered arugula and kale was perfect (delicious even) dipped in the tears of the Israelite slaves. It’s been a fun day.

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