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Mormon Boys to star in new TLC show

It’s not about Big Love — it’s about TOUGH LOVE. Hehehehe.…

More Mormons on TV! We’re just quirky enough to be “reality” TV, but wholesome enough for Prime Time. Honestly, the show sounds boring to me. But so did Dirty Jobs, and that has turned out to be a gem. Mike Rowe is my boy.

Wonder if he’s a Mormon??? :)

Had a big party yesterday for our friends who are moving to Germany. I sent out an email to the ward list inviting everyone over for a snack before the Crazy-Evening-O-Firesides to say goodbye to them with us. Somewhere between 75-100 showed up, based on the number of cups I went through. And I know some never even came in the house or ate anything. Our house is small by comparison to some in this ward, but it was just about right for a group like this. The kids could run around in the fields all they wanted, and the grown ups could be inside without being separated. I’m so glad the houseplan worked as we hoped (seeing as we designed the upstairs to be good for entertaining). Emily and Kevin were totally surprised when they pulled in and saw all the cars, and honestly, I was surprised they were surprised. I was sure someone would spill the beans. I think it was a nice way for them to go out. We will miss them horribly.

We did get to spend a nice meal after the big blowout with our “Inner Circle”, as it were, and everyone got home at a decent time. We didn’t play Catan, but we still all had a nice visit. DD cried for two hours after they left (“I can’t go in my room because it reminds me of their DD1!”). Jared got a little teary this morning when then found he had left a chainsaw for him :) What good friends.

Today I filled 8 orders from the site and got a nice email from a Melanie B. It’s nice to get some positive feedback instead of the whining all the time. Seriously people, it is not my job to do your calling or write your kid’s Primary talk. I am glad there are people who get the vision of how the website can be and over look what it still IS. It’s a good resource even in this state.

The calling seems to be going well. I have some more work to do for the Christmas party, like some more phone calls, order the chicken, order the coins, etc. I will try to make the stable backdrop myself this week. I honestly don’t know how I’m gonna get the saw up stairs…. Too bad the basement isn’t in a state where I can ask the Home teachers to come help! :)

All this Halloween candy lying around is killing me. Dawna wants to go walking — which works for me, since I loathe, despise, and abominate running — but I really want to get back to the gym. Somehow I’ve got to make it a priority, and I’m not doing that now.

Am still reading Jeremiah. Prophet of Doom & Gloom is he. There’s the occasional glimmer of hope, but I really feel for the guy. He knows what’s coming, knows everyone will ignore him, and can’t do anything about it except preach the word the Lord has given him.

I doubt that I wrote about going to the Korean Spa with all the girls last weekend. It was the first weekend I have been out both Friday and Saturday night without ME planning the outing since college. Friday we went to supper with 2 other couples from Church, and then Friday Dawna, Emily, Debbie, Jen F, Mijin, and I all went to the spa. About 20 were invited, but they all dropped out when they found out that you have to be TOTALLY NAKED for the pool part. It really wasn’t that big of a deal. No worse than the locker rooms at BYU, except you didn’t have the weird super shy girls changing their clothes in the bathrooms. I am not a hot tub kind of girl, so the naked part wasn’t all that fun for me, but the spa part (during which you wear this prison-looking pajama thing) was good. There were several rooms, each with a different temperature and gemstone theme that was supposed to cure a zillion ailments, make you smarter, and make energy flow better. Regardless of whether those claims are true or not, it was fun and relaxing. The Ice Room was particularly nice, since if you got too hot in one room, you could go cool off in this big fridge thing with ice on the walls and go back to it. The girls I was with liked the Red Clay Ball Room. It was this room with about a 14 inch deep ball pit filled with tiny clay balls. You snuggled down in the balls, which both massaged you and let you control how warm you got. It was a really fun group, and I’m glad I got to go. I would go again, and I think the others would, too. Mijin is so nice to introduce us to the fun things about her Korean culture. Koreans seem to be very nationalistic. It’s a good thing.

Plus Em and Jen met a girl from Germany, a foreign-exchange student at a Methodist Seminary College, and got to talk to her about the Church. You can do missionary work, even at the spa :)

The days are getting shorter, and even though it’s just 8:30 it feels much later. I will be glad for longer days of spring, but I love the cool weather. Just can’t have it both ways, I guess.

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