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Sold well over 1000 Be Strong cards *today*. Whoa. I’m not sure what happened, but I am now down to just about 400 left. That means I’ve nearly sold out in just 4 days. Guess I better reorder — again — even though I said this was the last reorder. I hope these cards are going to be useful for leaders! I so hope they inspire kids to learn those FTSOY scriptures.

I sat down in the foyer at Church waiting for the kids to be done with the Primary service project, thinking I would do some indexing on the new Family Search, but I didn’t even get started. Marie H walked up and needed information on the costuming for the Christmas party. Then little Andrew R asked me if I was in charge of the Christmas party, and he told me he had some great ideas for me. *smile* So I took notes while he talked about the Night in Bethlehem they did in Puerto Rico, and I think I’ll post them on the activity description page when I’m all done. Then there was this bloodcurdling scream and extended bawling coming from the gym. Turns out it was my friend Elizabeth’s (Elizabeth of the Inner Circle) little boy who had fallen down, but he was being overly dramatic. He knows me though, and so I walked him around trying to help him find his mom (who we knew was at home). Finally he agreed to go play in the Nursery until she got there. I took some pictures of the Primary activity, then I went back to pick up the laptop, just in time to turn it off and grab the kids to go home.

DS was in the gym playing football when I went to grab him. I am delighted! His best buddy hurt his foot and has to stay in at school PE, so my anti-athletic son has been going out and playing football instead with a different set of kids. Normally he’s pretty bad, and so the other boys ignore him on the field. I guess today the other team ganged up on the good players on his team leaving DS wide open — twice — and he made two touchdowns. Suddenly he’s motivated to play ball, and I am thrilled.

He made me laugh yesterday: “I guess you can’t run at the quarterback. It’s this thing called blitzing….. so Friend and I invented Football Elements, where you don’t have all these weird words. You just say ‘Don’t run at the quarterback’ or “Don’t do that!’ instead.” Who would have thought blitzing would be thought of as jargon.

He got up at 4AM this morning to try to see the Leonid meteor shower but didn’t see anything. I love that kid.

DD was a cutie pie as always. She gives the best hugs when she comes home from school. She had a trauma because her “hair came down” today after being put up in her first *real* pony tail. Now she’s determined to let her hair grow long now, but she’s been cursed with fine, thin hair like me. She’ll never get really long hair, I’m afraid.

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