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Importance of a personal testimony

“Importance of a personal testimony” is the topic of the RS portion of our Ward Conference tomorrow. The Stake RS President has asked me and my Education counselor to speak for 10 minutes on the topic. Whoa. Who knew it would take so long to write a 10 minute talk. I bet it took 5 hours. Of course, a little over 1 hour was printing up the visual aids on our dodgy wide format printer….

I am going to start out by showing a withering plant from my house. I’m using it as an object lesson showing that like plants, testimonies need daily nourishment. Then after driving that analogy as far as I can safely go, I’ll say something about there being a “few” blessings of a testimony and drop this humongous 5 foot tall list I printed out. It should be good for laughs and to drive the point home visually, I hope.

I’m glad the prep is over now tho.

I went off on Jared this morning. Turns out that he has done absolutely zilch about the YW lessons code and import. And all the talking I’ve done about it — for naught. He hadn’t even paid enough attention to know how to use the tables to generate the information. Gave me his typical excuses blah, blah, blah. Just the same as all the other times I’ve mentioned this (since July) about how I didn’t tell him what I wanted (did too, and told him to start and i would work out the display details while he worked), told me he worked on it last weekend (hadn’t), claimed I hadn’t created a content type (did — months ago WHEN I SAID I WOULD), told me he didn’t know how to link the tables together (despite the fact that _I_ solved this problem months ago and have explained it to him multiple times), and then tried to give me the “I just haven’t had time” junk.

I bet you can imagine how happy I wasn’t…

…and you can probably imagine how Christlike I was in handling it.

So this time I cried like the Manipulative Wife I Hate Lowering Myself To Be (it always works — why can’t he just do stuff one of the first forty-five times I ask tear-free and pleasantly) and now he’s working on it. But he STILL had to come in and make me explain to him AGAIN how the tables linked.

You know, we only have 2 arguments. It’s always the same theme, though maybe different circumstances. He tells me he will do or has done something and didn’t, and I yell when I’m mad. Those are our two fights. So if he’d stop lying and I could hold my tongue, we could be translated.

Good thing we’ve got all eternity to work on it.

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