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I really am stopping

I am stopping for the day, but it’s so hard to cease and desist when you’re getting so much done! First, I got the changes made on the basement blueprints to take the county. They were immediately approved, and we are now the owners of an “addition permit” or whatever it’s called. I fixed some stylesheet problems and moved the test ad to the header portion of the page. I was trying to move the text up a little more on the page, so you don’t have to scroll down so much. Eliminated the primary links that were at the bottom of the page. I also made some changes to the keywords to make them look different from the main text, and fixed a typo that was causing the comments to float below the skyscrapers. I’ve created 20+ nodes today. I don’t actually even know exactly how many files….. Several had multiple submissions, too. A couple of them were really good files, too. I am excited to have so much more new content added today. I changed the panel for the LDS Clipart page to list most recent images, too, plus I added a random image block. Changed views for latest to list more news, more clipart, and then redesigned the front page to have two columns for the latest information. It looks lots better. The changes I made last week to the LDS Young Women main page worked. I’m now the #1 web site for the term lds young women on google. Even above We’ll see how long it lasts, but for now, I’m basking in the shine of success. :) I drew up a page to show how the new Young Women’s lessons page will work. Each node will call a function that will print out the important information for that node. That will allow each page to be automated, but will still allow for commenting on each lesson. I am hoping this will help leaders share information and ideas about specific lesson topics. Oh, and had a presidency meeting. And managed to NOT be the last mom to pick up my kids from Spanish today. Now I have about 200 unread emails to process. Seeing as I did around fifty today, I’m feeling pretty good…..

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