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I had a good topic to write about….

I had a good topic to blog about….. thought of it while I was cutting the grass earlier, but now I can’t remember it. That’s what 2.5 hours of riding lawn mower racket will do to your brain, I guess.

Conference was good. The weather was so nice today it was a real challenge to stay inside and listen. And I fell asleep during the afternoon session. Again. I haven’t made it through the Saturday afternoon session in years. What I saw was good. I especially liked Elder Oaks’ talk on Sabbath worship and Elder WhatsHisFace — the young looking one from Ricks — on prayer.

Jared had to go to the stake center to plug in the projector and set the thing to record. The only people that showed up were the missionaries and 1 other guy. Probably he drove the missionaries :). It costs us more in gasoline to drive down there and back than it would for the stake to just buy conference on dvd. Not to mention Jared’s time. The 4 people that show to watch it can see it at a friend’s house, can’t they? Think of all the people that would love to have the missionaries over! We have two broken washing machines and a broken minivan, grass to cut, a garden spot to get ready for next year, erosion lines to fill, fruit trees to plant, shrubs to put in and porches to stain. He’s gone so much that I really resent such an inefficient waste of his time.

Jared says I shouldn’t whine at him: “I’m just doing my job.” That sounds like communism to me. And he is always supportive of me in my calling. I’m not trying to be ugly, really. I’m not questioning the needfulness his calling either. But at the same time, even though this is grossly inefficient, I’m always fearful of complaining. It’s not that I don’t want Jared to serve, I just think they can be a little more respectful of our time. He is a scout leader, stake nerd equipment type (installing stuff all over our large stake right now), travels at least monthly, and I’m the RS president. This seems to happen so often in our area — certain families really get loaded down. It would be one thing if this area were like our last (in the belt buckle of Utah) where only a handful were willing to serve. But there are tons of capable, willing people here.

I guess honestly I’m not sure if I have the guts to point out something this stupid. Maybe if I just call the stake president he could explain it to me. Really, Jared should do the calling. Or maybe we can both talk to him. I am not dressing up and setting up an appointment to meet with him to talk about buying the DVD instead of having us drive down to record something tho. Waste of his and our time. And I am really bothered when people bother Bishop Thatcher about trivial things, so I don’t feel like that’s worth doing to the stake president either.

I could totally talk to Brother Cooper tho. He’s our stake representative. Maybe that’s the way to handle it. He’ll be at priesthood now….. I could call him tomorrow. At least he could explain what the reasoning behind such inefficiency is to me. Maybe thy have some great reason….

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