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Has Given Me an Earthling Home

“I am a child of God, and he has sent me here. Has given me an earthling home, with parents kind and dear….”

That DD of mine makes me laugh. She got up this morning and wrote a talk and drew a picture of the temple completely all by herself. It was really cute: “I Love seeing Pichers of the temple Becuse it maks me Happy! When I am older I will go There. The temPle is the Plase to get seald Together. I am a child oF god you are one to eve iF you Do not Have the gostple. this is a song about the temple I am a child oF god and He Has sent me Here Had geven m a erle Home with perents kind and Dear Lede me guid me walk Beside me Help me Find thn way. This is my take today but not the and of my story I was born in the church that means I have Ben a member all my live. All 6 yers I mean I Lov Beiang parF crists church. Wahte about You??? in 1 and a half yers I will Be a memder”

The book is especially cute because she stapled it going right to left, so you actually start at the back to read it. Plus she’s got a picture of herself on the last page and has written “true” or “trur” on some of the pages. What a good girl.

I’m skipping the choir part of conference….. time to go.

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