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I wanted to write about this earlier while it was fresh on my mind, but I have been busy. Plus I wanted to catch up on some of the other blog posts.

Sunday was a really nice sacrament meeting. The theme was the blessings of Relief Society. They had a future RS girl (the Bishop’s daughter, who is a Senior) talk along with the RS president, Crystal, and her counselor (who was also my counselor and good friend), Lynlee. The YW girl did a really good job. I was really impressed about how she described visiting Relief Society and how it was an awesome lesson — so awesome she took notes, and that she loved how everyone was “teaching each other”. What a good description.

So then Lynlee gets up. It so happened she was getting released that same day, so she was a little emotional. She talked about how she had experienced Relief Society in different areas. Then, she looks right at me and says she served under two Relief Society presidents. I’m starting to get worried, because I know her and know she’s about to put me on the spot….. So Lynlee starts describing how when we were serving together on one particular trip we were on the way from a stake leadership training to a hospital to visit a very ill sister. She was following behind me on some back roads, and at some point I swerved into the other lane. When we got to the hospital I asked her if she had seen how I almost hit those buzzards, and her silent reaction was “Wow. Either this woman is crazy, or she’s awesome.” And then she gave a really heart wrenching tribute about some of the spiritual experiences and service we did. I was astonished and …. I want to say embarrassed, but that’s not quite the right word…. I guess humbled is better…. not to mention laughing and crying, all at the same time. It was really a kind thing for her to do.

I admit I felt a little underappreciated/underwhelmed when I got released. People were kind and said thoughtful things, of course, but you feel like you’ve sold your soul for this calling, and all you get is a “Thanks. Here’s your next assignment.” I don’t know how things could have gone differently though, honestly. People get called and released every week. People serve and sacrifice and learn and get virtually no accolades — just a transfer. So anyway, unexpected as it was, I really did appreciate the kind words from someone who really did know the price I paid to serve.

Of course, she segued into the new presidency with the time just after the new RS president was called and they needed to get into a locked house (with permission), and so they called — who else — me. And yes, I did break in. :) But the family cat also got out. And the new RS president came with her and they were able to find the cat. So then she wrapped it up with some really kind words about the new RSP, who is awesome, and her testimony.

After that, the entire RS got up and sang “As Sisters in Zion”. Apparently they had announced it the previous week in RS while I was at the baby blessing. I didn’t want to get up because I was still a little emotional. So I was doing okay until we started singing “we’ll all work together” (Um, yeah that’s like 5 words in) and started bawling. And of course I was on the front row because our family was sitting in the back. So I felt a little like a boob. But I really do love serving in the church, especially the Relief Society.

Then Crystal gave her talk, I pulled myself together and it was over. Of course, it’s been nothing but buzzard jokes from everyone who sees me since then. :) I’ll never live that down!

Today I worked on the Chili cook-off activity stuff. Made some ballot boxes (which I will wrap tomorrow), bagged the coins, printed out labels for the winner ribbons, edited the registration form, spammed the ward email list, emailed the committee, and did some other stuff. I also got my hair cut short again and went to the gym. Everyone is getting back on board with Biggest Loser. I am so gonna win this week. I am determined. I am building muscle now, and I hope that by increasing my workout times to a full hour I’ll begin to see more results. Today I had to cut it short because I was already running late due to the haircut and what not. I ran into Betty from Church at the store, too, so we visited probably 20 minutes just inside the door. And the kids were already home and it was after 6… Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get in the full hour.

DS came running up to me the other day with this in his hand. Blushing, he said, “Look what I made for you, Mommy!” I’m not sure what caused the flushed cheeks, but I kissed him on his head, which is close to becoming a kiss upwards instead of downwards, and thanked him. It’s so cute I’ve been using it as my Facebook profile picture.

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