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Girl, Interrupted

Today I opened a window to start blogging…. and drew a blank. My friend Elizabeth had called seen a whiny Facebook post about being bored and invited me to lunch with her and her children, so I left the window open, thinking I’d get back to work on it after I went to eat and to the gym.

We visited for a while and we’re leaving the site of our glamorous girls-out luncheon (Taco Bell Drive Thru), when [Interruption] my phone rings. It’s ASL calling from the school. Jared had called her when he couldn’t get a hold of me, because DD had fainted at school.

Now, ASL isn’t the best in a crisis, so I know I have to get over to the school pronto. Elizabeth drove me back to her house, where the minivan was, and then I went to the school. It came out finally that DD was tumbling on a wedge-shaped gym mat, when her shoe came off. She noticed then that her toe was bleeding through her sock. She went to the nurse’s office, and due to an influx of kids today (it was balance beam day), one of the secretaries was examining DD and was pinching her toe when she fainted. Anyway, DD was glad to see her Mommy, and I took her to the doctor to be checked out.DD goes stiff and kind of flails when she faints, so it really is kind of scary. She threw up a couple of times at school and once again (after eating part of my Shrimp Taco and some crackers) at the Doctor’s office. He saw what might be a tiny fracture, but she’s fine.

I find that’s how things go when you’re a mommy: girl, interrupted — both blessing and bane.


And the Santa Skeleton is still dressed up at the Doc’s, even though now we’re officially in Spring:

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