BEP2 A Humbled


I’ve been enjoying my researching so far, but I don’t like the paper writing. Since all of my other papers have passed so easily and since so many of them came back with errors that indicated the graders were not reading carefully, I blew the rubric off for C225. I made only a halfway attempt to explain a purpose for each study or name one strength or weakness for each source, gambling just like at 해외축구 that they wouldn’t actually check it that carefully.

Well, I was wrong.

And honestly, although I feel a little sheepish about my poor work, it makes me feel a little better that someone is actually grading these capstone papers with some care. I don’t know if they have a different set of graders or if the graders for the C-courses are better because they grade so many more papers, but it’s actually a nice feeling to have someone hold me to account.

You can see that the instructions are detailed and helpful, in contrast with the other score results. It took me about 45 minutes to make these corrections, and I’ve submitted the paper for regrading.

The first submission took longer than I expected, but it was my fault. Apparently I had not clicked submit after I uploaded my paper, and it just sat there, not yet queued, for most of the weekend. Once I realized my mistake and submitted the paper, it only took a few hours to be graded — much faster than previous papers, with much better feedback from graders.

I’m waiting to hear back on the bibliography before I proceed with the literature review.

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