image Back to the grind

Back to the grind

I’m back to work on my Master’s after a full month hiatus. Today I turned in my first work in over a month: my annotated bibliography for my capstone. I read 27 articles and distilled that down to 17 that I think are most relevant. I only included 10 articles in my bibliography, but I will probably include more in my literature review, which I’ll start writing after this passes. I changed my research topic, and I have learned a ton! In another life, I’m probably a researcher. I could read studies all day long (although my math is weak).

I spent a lot of hours reading this week, but I really ould have been through this class in 2 days if I had buckled down. I’m having trouble with motivation. I have that seasonal depression, and it starts really kicking in in January. Usually I just feel yucky but push through because Dec-Feb was the busy season for the website, and if I stop, so does the money. But this year I killed the stores, so now the only thing I truly have to do is drive Sydney around. I have this MEd, but I don’t actually have to do it if I don’t want to, so motivation is becoming a real challenge. We go on a cruise every January to help with my depression. It can’t come soon enough.

I bought a light therapy device that I’ve been trying. It seemed to help more earlier in the month, and I stupidly quit using it for a while. I did put it on today. I’m hopeful it’ll get me doing better. I exercise regularly, but that doesn’t seem to help, honestly. I’m very lucky that mine isn’t more serious. It’s usually over by then end of March. Many people suffer a whole lot more and all year round.

The depression doesn’t affect my effectiveness, however, and I worked hard and fast once I finally got started. The bibliography was no big deal thanks to the “cite” button on the research website. Word has a tool that generates citations in whatever format you want, too, so that part is much, much easier than when I had to write papers back in the good ol’ days.

My only real problem is the chocolate. I am eating it in place of meals at this point. So bad for me.

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