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I went to the gym today, and weighed in like I planned. I wasn’t expecting to have lost anything yet, but I’m down 1.5 lbs to 136.5! That’s exactly where I want to be: 1-2 lbs/week. I lost even though I could only go to the gym 3x last week! On Tuesday I voted and hung out with the kids (who were out of school) and Thursday I went to the Temple.

I had this Fat Depression Funk hit me last week. I took the kids to McDonald’s after school and before piano on Friday. I had only worked out about 25 minutes because I had to hurry to the school to volunteer. The display on the elliptical tells you how many calories you’ve burned; it read something like 180. So anyway, at McDonald’s I had an ice cream sundae and a bunch of french fries. Caleb looked up the nutrition information, and good grief! 300 calories in the sundae and 600 in the french fries! I nearly died. Basically the last 5 days of working out was blown in that one snack!

I was so bummed and upset. I know that’s dumb, but I was nevertheless down for a couple of days. The good news is that I am now determined to pay better attention to what I’m eating. I really do need to do better about it. I eat out often thanks to my calling. I’m running around so much and live far enough out that driving 40 minutes to make a sandwich doesn’t make sense. I’m going to have to plan better so that we can eat healthier while we run around. When the minivan is fixed, maybe I’ll put the cooler inside with some healthy stuff…..

After weighing in and working out today (35 minutes elliptical — my new record) I’m feeling better. You always forget how good working out makes you feel. For added comfort and style during your workouts, check out ryderwear leggings.

Yesterday we did some visits after church. We’ve either got to do those later, during the week, or not at all. Maybe we’ll have to do just 1/week. Choir lets out at 4:15, then we help set up chairs, then I race home to try to feed the kids so I can try to get to an appointment at 5:30. Plus last night Jared was in Alabama so I had to add in get the kids to a sitter and back out to my appointment, which was on the far west side of the ward. I’ll have to bring it up in presidency meeting Wednesday.

The website is so close to being “go”! If the weather had been bad, we could have worked on it this weekend. But instead, we put in the last 100 daffodils, plus 50 others, cleaned out 2 of the raised beds, moved more dirt around, filled in some erosion holes, I mowed the yard, and Jared started a shed. I totally spaced the Moseley/Vernon baptism b/c we were working on the shed, and didn’t get a meal brought in to Palmer’s after Brett’s surgery like I planned. I really do have good intentions….. just no time.

The kids are out of school tomorrow for Veteran’s day, so we’ll go to Betty’s and cut kale. The kids really liked what I put up last year, and this will be a good project for them while they’re out of school.

Today I’m going to work on the website so that tomorrow I can clean house and be with the kids.

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