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General Conference Jeopardy, Matthew 5

I am going to be unavailable for General Conference weekend, and I will not be uploading the General Conference Jeopardy game like I did last year. :-( I hope to be able to do it for April’s conference, but it definitely won’t happen for October 2012. If you make one, please share it here so that others can use it, too.

Matthew 5

I showed the videos from on the two days that I covered Matthew 5. They are both really short. I also used the quotation in the manual from Harold B Lee to guide our discussion of the beatitudes. I shrank the quotes down small and gave a copy to each student. We played “What did you underline?” and each kid read the verse of scripture, the corresponding quote, and told us what he/she thought was most important in the passage. It worked out great. For the rest of the section I can’t remember what I did….. I think it was mostly commentary on the divorce section. I wanted the kids to understand what that was all about, so I used a section from an old Ensign Q&A that helped. Elder Oaks recently gave a General Conference talk titled Divorce that is also helpful. It’s worth noting in your class that the phrase about being angry with your brother “without a cause” is eliminated in the JST. I love the Sermon on the Mount. There are so many things that I fall short of. So many things I can do better. I love the Savior so much, and the Sermon on the Mount is a section of scripture that fills me with awe of him and reminds me of how far I have to go, without making me feel discouraged.

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