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Dreaded Thirteens

I’m really not the superstitious type, but wow, twenty thirteen has proved a bad year for us.  Also age thirteen was a bad one for our son, though I suppose that’s to be expected: ah, middle school.  But wow, this has been a lame few months.  I’m just plain tired.

Last week I made an attempt to catch up on the blog while we were out with the ice storm, but my internet reset, which logged me out of the website, and Firefox lost my blog post.  That has happened so many times (blast you, Sprint) that I usually copy my blog posts to the clipboard before posting, but I was in a hurry and somehow I spaced it. Gawrg.  Nothing makes you not want to blog like loosing an hour and a half of work.

And the past few weeks have been exhausting. I’m considering blogging about the experience publicly, but I admit I was so angry at first that I’m more than a little embarrassed to put it all out there.  Plus there is the confidentiality of other parties to consider.  I rarely feel the need to get the ugly thoughts out of my head by writing, but this time I definitely did, and I wrote a little piece of brain blah and tucked it away where I hope the kids will never see it.  :)  Thankfully God worked some miracles on our behalf, and in short, I’m still married and likely to stay so, though it looked iffy for a while.

Anyway, I’m still breaking free of my funk, and like my Christmas decorations, the blog has been neglected.  I’ll get to it — hopefully after this week.  The Christmas break will be a welcome one, and I’m taking a cruise in January, so that gives me a nice break to look forward to.

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