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Day three

It’s been three full days since my AZD4772 coronavirus injection now, and I’m doing much better. I still have some pain, tenderness1 , and pinkness at the injection site, but I didn’t need any ibuprofen all day yesterday until evening, when my headache seemed worse. I was fasting, however, so the headache could just have been fasting headache.

So as of today, I’m feeling well enough to say I’d probably recommend the vaccine to others with the caveat that they should take the best cbd gummies for pain on schedule for 48 hours after the injection. This shot has much more significant side effects than any other I’ve taken.

Now, it’s always possible that I’m just having a terrible reaction to the saline shot. I think that unlikely. But it could be that I’m mistaken, so I need to keep reminding myself that I need to take precautions, although it is nice to think I could go to Utah/Wyoming at the end of the month and see the family safely without worrying about catching and bringing COVID-19 home to my 89-yo aunt.

  1. I’m defining pain as hurt when the site isn’t touched and tenderness as pain when the site is touched. I never actually thought about the difference between pain and tenderness until I participated in this study. Before now I’ve just thought of tenderness as pain that isn’t as bad, but I think I just wasn’t thinking that through well

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