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Curses! A video of my bean trellis and some deer damage

We had some mishaps in the garden this week. A storm kicked up and knocked over one of the tomatillos on Saturday. We propped it up but it wasn’t staying so I put an old tomato cage over it upside down to hold it up. I don’t know if it can be saved or not — the stem looks more twisted than bent. At least I have plenty of others.

On the upside, some little tomatillo husk puffs are forming. They look cool!

This tomatillo husk is empty — I presume the fruit forms inside here, but I’ll have to do some reading. I’ve never grown tomatillos before.

It’s been hot all weekend and threatening rain, but mostly we just got wind. I went out to water early this morning and spray the beans, which are getting eaten up by insects, and when I walked around the Big Momma tomatoes found this:

What is this weird pink mushrooms looking thing on my tomatoes??!??

Guess what I’ll be gooogling today!?! I hope this is some sort of insect. I can handle that. The big one is about 2 1/2 inches across, so I’ll a little scared to pop it.

The cherry tomatoes are being happy:

Husky Cherry Red

And I also found deer damage on the far Early Girl tomato plant and on some of the Roma II beans. Curses. I looked at the video from last night, but it’s too dark to see anything. I will go get some solar lights and try the fishing line trick. If that doesn’t work: Bambi’s Mother. I took a video of the garden for the first time today. Take a look:

Walk with me under my bean trellis made of hog panel and my rose trellis made of cattle panel.

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