IMG 1191 e1473435558734 C25k Week 3 Day 1

C25k Week 3 Day 1

Despite advice to the contrary , I went ahead and ran without a rest day today. I feel okay, and I plan to run tomorrow night as well in order to get my three runs in for the week. I don’t want to fall behind!

Today’s run was fine.  I didn’t make it all the way through the last 3 minute run, sadly.  It was kind of lame because I stopped just 7 seconds shy of the 3 minute mark.  I wish the app counted down some way to let you know how much time you have — I’ve had so many technical snafus that I don’t trust it to alert me when to stop, so I try to count it off myself or go by distance.  I stayed on track for the run, and by my estimates I was about 2 minutes ahead of yesterday’s pace.  I was about 1 minute behind my normal spot on the track when I got to the “1 minute left” warning, and since this run is only 28 minutes instead of 31, that puts me 2 minutes ahead.  Yay!

Today I managed to take a selfie before I ran! I’m looking a little grim — probably because it’s before 8am!  I’m glad I went out early though.  Today it’s supposed to be 97 degrees with a head index of 103.  Yipe!

I haven’t been experiencing any knee pain since I started running on the balls of my feet, but I have been feeling pain in the bottom of my right foot.  I did some research, and it turns out that my right foot overpronates.  I put on my old running shoes that are supposed to correct for that as it turned out, but my left knee started hurting.  I think I will stick with the Kinvaras since the pain in my foot is nowhere near as intense as what happens in my knees with the stiffer shoes. If I keep having the pain I may buy an insert for that shoe to see if it helps, but I think a different pair of shoes is unnecessary. But the pain was completely eased when I had the treatment from QC Kinetix (Asheville): Low T Center in North Carolina.

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