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Back in the Saddle

I got back to the gym today for the first time in ages. I bet it’s been 2 months. Things have been crazy in the mornings here, and I was excited to get things straightened out so that I could go again.

Of course, it didn’t hurt that I finally found the keys that had my gym card on them, too!!!! I prayed and prayed……

I lifted for about 15 minutes and got on the elliptical for about 10. Whoa. I am a wuss. Was getting sick, so I got off and took a shower. But I think this probably means this is finally a hard enough workout for me. I think that the elliptical alone isn’t enough, and attempting to lift/elliptical on every other day wasn’t working either.

We got tickets to go to Mexico! The kids are excited to try out their Spanish. DH will be happy about it, too. I’ll have to go back to listening to the CDs again, but I don’ tthink I’ll do that until school gets out.

The weather was beeyoooootiful on Saturday, but the mower is at the Deere shop and ASL had the truck, so I didn’t get the grass cut or the soil put in the dropped bed. Hopefully this weekend…..

Jillyne gave another fantastic lesson this week and Belinda did the week before that too. It makes going to RS such a pleasure when the teachers are so awesome. It was stake RS leadership training this past weekend. They are getting ready to do a 5k run to support the food bank. It will be a good opportunity. So far they have 750 people registered.

Jared spoke at Georgia Institute of Technology this past weekend. Apparently it was a success, as they even asked him to speak a second time impromptu at the conference, and about half the class skipped out on the other lectures to hear him speak the second time.

I have got to run a treat over to a friend. Plus my hands are hurting…. I hate that.

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