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Astra Zeneca study day 16

Well, guess I better do an update.

My headaches lasted three or four days, and I ran a fever of 99 on at least one day. My arm stayed noticeably sore for five full days, then it was just tender, and by day 8 I had no tenderness and the pink mark was completely gone. Today is the first day I’ve looked at the Lancet study again, and it seems my reaction puts me in with those who had the most “severe” reactions, and my four day headache was typical for that group. Thank god I didn’t have any chills or nausea.

Thursday we went in for our blood draw to test for antibodies. Sadly we won’t get to know the results. The doctor did tell Jared that only 20% of people at their location are experiencing any symptoms, so it’s still possible that he may have also received the vaccine.

I had tried to catch up with them to get my Day 8 phone visit in, but we kept crossing phone calls, so I asked them if they wanted to enter it all while I was there. During that interview I did have one funny conversation with the doctor:

Doc: Where are you from? What do you do for a living?

Me: I’m from Mississippi. I closed my business in January…


Doc: How high was your fever?

Me: I don’t really know because the thermometer I had would only give readings in Celsius. But I asked Alexa at one point abs she said my temp was 99• Fahrenheit.

Doc: Well, I think you take the number and multiply it by ((I started blanking out here)) and then add 32.

Me: I do believe you forgot the part where I told you I’m from Mississippi. We don’t do that kind of thing down there.

I also got Sydney to sign up to begin the study when she gets home from school. I asked her to do it so we could try and get her some protection from those Covid-denying anti-maskers in Utah that keep irresponsibly holding church and breathing on each other. There’s a 2/3 chance she can get the vaccine, which is better than not receiving it at all until April, and maybe not even then.

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